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Freitag, 02. Oktober 2009
01:00 bis 03:00 Uhr (Nachtschicht)

Man Bites Blog : Episoden 7

Man Bites Blog covers a wide range of musical styles. Except cutting edge electronica via modern pop, mixed with outsider folk and lashings of dirty hip hop. Presented by Nico.

Episode 7

Episode 7.1

A fresh slice of musical misbehaviour from Nico, Mathieu and Neon Skullz. MBBP:07 sees all matter of crunked out bassline, post-punk, Emotronic R&B all in bastard harmony. Its a real hodgepodge of audio tomfoolery. In the fold this week: Extra Life, Gang Gang Dance, Kanye, Ikonika, Salem, Ruby Suns

Listen here using soundcloud,subscribe on iTunes, or download below. Each to their own.